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Barkley Paws is an online pet boutique for every dog...and now CAT too! Your pets deserve the best from a stylish dog collar to go with their new invisible fence, to all natural dog and cat treats! Your dog will look stunning in a crystal dog collar or riding high in a pet stroller! But more than just a pet boutique for the perfect harness, collars or stroller, we have fashionable dog clothes, designer dog beds, grooming products, as well as exclusive pet furniture! Barkley Paws aims to be your first stop for the perfect designer collar, stroller, harness and more!


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Dog Collar & Harness

Needing a versatile pet stroller, a great harness, or a our stunning dog collar, Barkley Paws has something for you! Here you can get the latest designer dog collar – including Swarovski Crystal Collars! We also have the perfect dog harness and pet stroller for you. We are certain you will find something special!  So, sit back, relax and browse our secure online boutique!

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Barkley Paws Pet Boutique has the dog collar, pet stroller or dog harness you've been looking for, items found only in luxury pet boutiques! Traveling with your pet? We've got the backpack, harness or stroller for you! We know you’ll enjoy returning often to check out our latest additions – whether you're looking for a collar, stroller, harness, or whatever. Order your dog collar, pet stroller or dog harness today from Barkley Paws Pet Boutique, a trusted and safe online pet boutique!


PS. We would love to hear from you! If you can't find the collar, stroller, harness or whatever it is you're looking for at Barkley Paws, send us an email. We’ll roll over to find what you are looking for!


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